The small space means things can get packed on weekends when DJs mash a mix of electronic lounge anthems for one of the sexiest nightlife crowd in town.
— Michael Martin, Jet Set Report
Wanna get your drink on? Wanna party like it’s 1999? Wanna GO BIG..or go home? Everybody keeps asking us “What’s the hottest party spot in Aspen?” ...the answer is ESCOBAR.
— The Aspen Spin
Escobar calls Aspen’s most attractive and passionate socialites together to revel in liberations and libations. It’s a refuge for loosening up and letting go, stimulating the senses and vitalizing the spirit.
If you can get past the red rope on the Hyman Avenue mall, table service and a pulsing dancing floor await downstairs. But if afternoon drinks are more your style, take to the ice bar on the pedestrian mall for an apres-ski cocktail.
— Christine Benedetti, Haute Living